Friday, 25 March 2016

Song Review - Born

by Sharn

I had a realisation when I hit play on this track. It’s part of the reason I keep writing here, because I don’t always get a lot of time in the madness and repetition of day to day life, but I love looking for new music in the desperate hope I’ll hear something that sparks a little something, a little something that makes me sit down and type a bunch of words in the hope someone else hears the same thing I have. It’s with this in mind I am writing words about Sharn, an electronic artist from New Zealand who has released a beautiful selection of words and sounds in ‘Born’, a track about life and death and everything outside that and everything in between, a track that journeys from soul to dance to electronica to pop and back again. It’s a perfect musical journey, perfectly dance-y for those who wish to and perfectly meaningful for those who look for a little more. Songs like this one are a perfect realisation and a sweet reminder to remember what I love - music and the search for it - and to pay attention to that love, which in itself is what Sharn is creating music about, life and all its meanings, whatever they may be. (Jo Michelmore)
Jo Michelmore gives 'Born' four emoji crowns out of five... 

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