Monday, 21 March 2016

Song Review - Revel

by San Mei

I don’t know much about San Mei, except to say that a quick google tells me her name is Emily Hamilton, she’s from the Gold Coast and she’s released some tracks randomly over the past couple of years. A couple more clicks and every time I read about her there are mentions of NME and Indie Shuffle, which are both great, but I’m much more interested in her music than her press releases. Let me say I’m glad I read between the publicity lines and hit play on her latest track ‘Revel’, because the gorgeous, somehow dark and somehow sweetly light sounds are so charming, guitars giving an indie pop feel much bigger than a few hundred soundcloud plays and a voice deserving of an audience much bigger than her facebook likes.  Artists like San Mei are the exciting ones to stumble across, because she is making sounds far beyond her current reach and they are sounds that I hope I am going to be hearing more and more of as she makes her way into our collective pop consciousness. (Jo Michelmore)
 Jo Michelmore gives 'Revel' three and a half emoji fries out of five...

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