Thursday, 31 March 2016

Song Review - Timmy Wispagold

Timmy Wispagold
by Sleepy Dreamers

It could be due to a distinct lack of sleep in my life lately, but I spent a good few minutes recently googling the Sleepy Dreamers and trying to figure out who Timmy Wispagold is, when he joined and what exactly he does in this band. I’m here to stop you from making that same mistake, Timmy ain’t no sleepy dreamer, Timmy is a song. Duh. If he was a guy, he’d be a simple guy, not asking too much, not taking too much time but making you feel like you could spend a hundred years with him. He'd be a straightforward selection of chords and a sweet selection of words and he'd tell you a story of bittersweet thoughts and he'd give you this feeling of regret about your future, thoughts of your past and  he’d make you hold on to all the things you can't, but he’d do all of that while holding your hand really tightly. That makes him sound like a bit of a creep. Maybe he is. Timmy makes me kind sad and happy at the same time. Maybe he's a jerk. Forget about that Timmy. ‘Timmy Wispagold’ the song though, well that’s another story. 'Timmy Wispagold' in song form, now that's just four minutes of great indie pop. (Side note: Sleepy Dreamers are playing a single launch at The Workers Club, Melbourne on April 22nd. Timmy Wispagold the person might be there. Or not. Who can say?)
Jo Michelmore gives 'Timmy Wispagold' four guitar emoji out of five...

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