Sunday, 13 March 2016

Top 25 - 13 March, 2016

Amanda Palmer + Ladyhawke!

1. Amanda Palmer - Machete (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: What a pleasant surprise to hear something new from Amanda Palmer. Not counting her David Bowie tribute EP and the ten and half minute gorgeousness of 'A Mother's Confession', 'Machete' marks her first full band release since 2012's Theatre Is Evil. It is glorious. It is heartbreaking. It is thought provoking. And it tells a story in a way that, really, only Amanda Palmer can tell a story. Manic one moment, quiet and reflective the next... 'Machete' shows all of the brilliant sides of Palmer we've come to know and love, from the Dresden Dolls days to now. 'Machete' is a beautiful story about friendship, losing it and also celebrating it in that loss. If you'd like to know more about the story behind it, please have a read of Amanda's own words regarding 'Machete' on her site. One of the things that I've always loved about Amanda Palmer's music is that she somehow manages to make her stories so totally relatable, even when it's something so personal to her. Her tracks make you think and this time around I'm thinking about the people in my life that are really special to me and how devastated I'm going to be if I ever have to lose them before... you know. Before I kick it. "And you said, I don't know where I'm going, I just know that I'm heading, from the dead things piled up behind me." It's all kinds of beautiful and it's so nice to hear something new from one of our most favourite artists. I could talk about this for days and days. But I'll just quickly mention that the last time a song caught me off-guard and made me all damn misty eyed and had me thinking about shit like this was Palmer's own 'The Bed Song' and hear I am listening to 'Machete' and it gets to the very last line... "You don't need me hear to cut you free"... and I'm a mess. A rambling mess. And it's all Amanda Palmer's fault. And I wouldn't have it any other way. (Matt Bond) 

2. Phebe Starr - Feel My Love

3. Ngaiire - Diggin

4. Ladyhawke - A Love Song (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: It seems like it was a thousand years ago that I was standing in a sweltering tent at the Big Day Out impatiently waiting for Ladyhawke to appear. That was six years ago and may as well be a thousand years ago considering the amount of singles Taylor Swift has released since then, but I digress. While the Big Day Out has now disappeared forever, thankfully Ladyhawke hasn’t, taking a break to sort some shit out (that quick summary of writing, recording and sobering is probably more complicated than that) and returned with a new song that was worth waiting the four long years we’ve waited for any new sounds from her. ‘A Love Song’ is perfectly Ladyhawke; a song you want to dance to, a song you want to sing along to and a song you want to hear over and over again. The cute animated lyric clip to match is making it very difficult to wait any longer for a new album release in June. (Jo Michelmore)

5. The Temper Trap - Thick As Thieves

6. The Ruiins - Eventually

7. Ariela Jacobs - Lost

8. Machine Age - Don't Look (NEW)

9. Olympia - Smoke Signals (NEW)

10. PACES ft. Rye Rye - Work Me Out (NEW)

11. Bag Raiders ft. Benjamin Joseph - Checkmate

12. SAFIA - Make Them Wheels Roll

13. James Chatburn - Cracks and Breaks (NEW)

14. Avec Sans - Heartbreak Hi (NEW)

15. Chris Watts - Let Go

16. Quintessential Doll - Beautiful Violence (NEW)

17. Ella Hooper - Monkey Mind

18. Sans Parents - Can't Stop Moving

19. Babaganouj - Do Rite With Me Tonite

20. Montaigne - In The Dark

21. Manor - They've Come Into My Home (NEW)

22. Little May - Remind Me

23. Hayden Calnin - Cut Love

24. Elizabeth Rose ft. Remi - Playing With Fire

25. Lanks - Golden Age

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