Sunday, 6 March 2016

Top 25 - 6 March, 2016

Phebe Starr, The Temper Trap + The Ruiins!

1. Ngaiire - Diggin

2. The Temper Trap - Thick As Thieves (NEW)

3. SAFIA - Make Them Wheels Roll (NEW)

4. Ella Hooper - Monkey Mind

5. Montaigne - In The Dark

6. Phebe Starr - Feel My Love (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: Phebe Starr, how I've missed you. But you're back now and you're back with this incredible track 'Feel My Love' that is going to put smiles on faces all around the world. This is irresistible pop, the kind that runs through your entire body and makes you want to dance and have fun and do amazing things. The instant replay value is ridiculous, don't be surprised if you find yourself in a 'Feel My Love' loop for a couple of hours as you explore all the wonderful little touches that make the track as great as it is. And even though I haven't been able to stop listening to it for a few days now, I've got a feeling I'm only going to love this new one from Phebe Starr more and more as the year goes on. Hopefully this is the first of many big things coming our way from Starr this year! Oh and when that chorus hits? Too good. More please. (Matt Bond)

7. Sans Parents - Can't Stop Moving

8. The Ruiins - Eventually (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: So I’m having a little bit of trouble believing that this is the debut single from The Ruiins. No, seriously, I’ve googled over and over, looking for something, anything, anywhere to tell me where they’ve played, who they are and what else they’ve done, because there is a maturity and a simple comfortability in ‘Eventually’ that suggest they’ve been playing together a thousand years (possible exaggeration) and surely I’ve seen them and heard them somewhere before. This track is everything I love about unpretentious rock and perfect blues, doing exactly what any song I love should do, which is to take my mind away from my laptop to places I’d rather be and making me want to sway in ways only guitars know how to. If this is only their first release, I am so looking forward to hearing more from this duo from the Gold Coast. (Jo Michelmore) 

9. Chris Watts - Let Go

10. Ariela Jacobs - Lost (NEW)

11. Babaganouj - Do Rite With Me Tonite

12. Little May - Remind Me

13. Hayden Calnin - Cut Love

14. Elizabeth Rose ft. Remi - Playing With Fire (NEW)

15. Bag Raiders ft. Benjamin Joseph - Checkmate (NEW)

16. Lanks - Golden Age

17. Hedge Fund - Summer's Getting Shorter

18. FKA Twigs - Good To Love

19. M83 - Do It, Try It (NEW)

20. Matt Gresham - Small Voices

21. The Love Junkies - Nobody

22. The Kills - Doing It To Death (NEW)

23. Harts - Peculiar

24. Two People - Fading

25. Ecca Vandal - End Of Time

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