Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Song Review - Books For The Holidays

by Halcyon Drive
EP: Untethered (out May 13, 2016)

What's left of summer looks to finally be coming to an end in Australia ("winter" is coming and so on and so forth), but Halcyon Drive are keeping the good times rolling with the new single 'Books For The Holidays'. "And you have a smile like a hurricane, it blows right in and steals my breath away." Perfect for those long drives, weekend getaways and, well, any perfectly relaxed moment you could think of, HD's latest tune is another stellar addition to one of our favourite growing catalogues. The Melbourne three-piece have yet to disappoint and that trend looks set to continue with their upcoming Untethered EP. The title track was released a couple of months ago and will put the most chilled out bounce in your step, but it's 'Books For The Holidays' I already know I won't be able to get enough of. With lyrics as effortlessly striking as Michael Oechsle's vocal performance and bursts of energy leading into explosive choruses that will put the biggest smile on your face... yeah, Halcyon Drive are onto a winner here. Best track from these guys yet? I'm thinking yes. Yes it is. Can't wait to hear the rest of that EP next month. You can also see the band performing across Australia throughout June/July. Tour dates over at their Facey-book page.     
Matt Bond gives 'Books For The Holidays' four pizza emoji out of five... 

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