Sunday, 17 April 2016

Top 25 - 17 April, 2016

Sarah Blasko + Winterbourne!

1. Little Earthquake - Honest

2. Sarah Blasko - I Wanna Be Your Man (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: I spent most of last week falling in love all over again with the music of Sarah Blasko. That tends to happen with me when I'm going to see an artist. Spend the week before listening to everything they've ever released, wondering why it's been so long since I've listened to their amazing old stuff and seeing how far they've come with their new material. And hasn't Sarah Blasko come a long way? From the alternative days of 'Sweet Surrender' and the Prelusive EP to the loved-up joy of her most recent album Eternal Return, it's been quite the ride for Blasko. And for us listeners too. 'I Wanna Be Your Man' isn't a song I've spent much time with since the album was released, but after hearing it live on Friday night at The Tivoli, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. So 80s. So glam. With a beautiful message and the voice of one of our absolute favourites. What's not to love? (Matt Bond)  

3. Phebe Starr - Feel My Love

4. Landings - My Bones

5. Auguste - Kingdom (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: So, I read that Auguste are "two self confessed BFF's" and I listened to their single 'Kingdom' and I really liked it, but I also think if one of my BFF's and I stopped eating so much ice cream and donuts while making up life stories about random people on the street and were to write a song together, it would probably be a sad country slash rap number about old men, nachos and the general public's misunderstanding of how funny we are. Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough on the other hand; step sisters and said "self confessed BFF's", formed Auguste and wrote a splendid synth laden song about personal space and the invasion of it, which is probably a little more impressive than anything I could come up with. The clip features some striking contemporary dance and while my BFF and I are exactly like mini Sia, Maddie Ziegler, on the dance floor, I'm not sure that us barefoot and flailing about would make the greatest clip. So, the conclusion is, I'm going to get back to instagram, thinking about the next time I'm gonna eat ice cream and waste some time searching for amusing gifs about people with unfortunate hands to send to my BFF, but Auguste have provided a really great soundtrack for me to do that to. (Jo Michelmore)

6. Seavera - Caving

7. Emily Wurramara - Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)

8. Alex Lahey - You Don't Think You Like People Like Me

9. The Temper Trap - Fall Together (NEW)


10. Winterbourne - Shape (NEW)


11. Emma Louise - Talk Baby Talk

12. Old Sault - Ghost

13. Kaleo - I Can't Go On Without You

14. Noonie Bao - Reminds Me (NEW)


15. Darling James - The Itch

16. Gypsy and The Cat - I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else

17. AlunaGeorge - I Remember (NEW)


18. Jesse Redwing - Crawlin' Up The Walls

19. Fitz and The Tantrums - HandClap

20. Juke Jaxon - Memory Man (NEW)


21. The Hiding - Karma My Life (NEW)


22. What So Not x GANZ ft. JOY. - Lone

23. Ecca Vandal - Truth To Trade

24. Lupa J - Numb

25. Machine Age - Don't Look

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