Monday, 25 April 2016

Top 25 - 25 April, 2016


1. Little Earthquake - Honest

2. The Raffaellas - Control (Had It, Lost It) (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: It feels like it's been forever since we've heard something new from The Raffaellas. But in good news for fans of the quality musics, the Melbourne four-piece are back with a new EP, Dreams Out of Reach and it is a good'un. Second single 'Control (Had It, Lost It)' stands alongside hits from local contemporaries like Birds of Tokyo and The Temper Trap, which is why you'll ask yourself why you haven't heard it getting played to death on radio. When it comes to Australian rock outfits, it's the quality tracks that tend to get a ton of radio play. And 'Control' has all the hallmarks of a radio-worthy track. It's guitar driven, lightly bluesy and likely to find itself stuck in your head long after you've finished listening. Mostly, it's just a great song you're going to be coming back to for more listens. A most very welcome return from The Raffaellas indeed. (Matt Bond)

3. Phebe Starr - Feel My Love

4. Auguste - Kingdom

5. Garbage - Empty (NEW)


6. Landings - My Bones

7. Sarah Blasko - I Wanna Be Your Man

8. Alex Watts - Hopeful (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: Alex Watts wrote this cute little ‘Hopeful’ song with all its retro inspired melodies and drum breaks, but I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t until I saw the clip that I was really addicted. I couldn’t decide if it was more awesome than awkward or more awkward than awesome, but the concept of trying to hook up with oneself is a conversation I had with a very good friend only days ago, so I’ve pretty much decided that Alex dating himself up has to be an awesome thing. I said the same thing about my friend dating himself. Hot? Also, the slightly awkward dance moves of a man who seems to be able to move his arms and legs while keeping his hips completely and totally still has pretty much blown my mind which equals awesome, and just to add to that whole awesome concept, I need to know where to get myself one of those black and white spot skirts, because I’d totally hook up with myself in one of those. (Jo Michelmore)

9. Gordi - Wanting (NEW)


10. Seavera - Caving

11. Youngsmith - Red (NEW)


12. Emily Wurramara - Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)

13. The Temper Trap - Fall Together

14. Sara Hartman - Monster Lead Me Home (NEW)


15. Juke Jaxon - Memory Man

16. Alex Lahey - You Don't Think You Like People Like Me

17. Emma Louise - Talk Baby Talk

18. Clare Maguire - The Valley (NEW)


19. Winterbourne - Shape

20. Old Sault - Ghost

21. Sneaky Sound System - I Ain't Over You (NEW)


22. Flume ft. Tove Lo - Say It (NEW)


23. Darling James - The Itch

24. Sun Sap - Mexico (NEW)


25. Jesse Redwing - Crawlin' Up The Walls

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