Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Song Review - House On A Rock

by Ngaiire
Album: Blastoma (out 10 June, 2016)

How come we never get far? We're talking a lot... 
Am I getting through? I said, I said, I said I'm talking to you.  

With only a little over two weeks until the release of Ngaiire's greatly anticipated album Blastoma, today we find ourselves treated to the third single, 'House On A Rock'. Following in the footsteps of 'Once' and 'Diggin', 'House On A Rock' only further solidifies Ngaiire's claim to the Future Soul crown. As much as I love the prior tracks (and there is A LOT of love for them), there's something about 'House On A Rock' that has immediately grabbed me and made me want to hear it pretty much every day until the end of time. Too much? I say it's too good! Do I tell you when I think you're being dramatic and exaggerating? No, I don't. So mind your business. Ngaiire's gorgeous voice and performance masks a darkness running through the beats and a sadness in the lyrics. It's a delicate balance that adds rewarding layers for you to uncover with the guaranteed repeated listens. So many repeated listens. 

You might initially be drawn to some of the more explosive elements, but the final repeats lines, "living on I love yous and recycled prayers," will throw you right back into the story of a relationship doomed to fail. That chorus is on another level too. The way it has more and more elements thrown in makes it feel like you're actually in the song and taking part in one massive, Ngaiire-led party. You won't ever want to leave. Meanwhile, I see on the StalkerFacebooks that Ngaiire's just shot a video in Tel Aviv, which I'm assuming is for 'House On A Rock' and I'm not assuming/I'm already knowing is going to be out of this world good. Bring on Blastoma

Matt Bond gives 'House On A Rock' five red wine emoji out of five...   

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