Friday, 6 May 2016

Song Review - Like The Wind

Like The Wind
by Feral Love

Admittedly, I did spend half an hour or so youtubing scenes from Dirty Dancing after reading the title of this song, which clearly has no relation to 80s power ballads named ‘She’s Like The Wind’ sung by the 80s version of Ryan Gosling, and has much more to do with moments of synth laden dance music that makes you want to throw your fist in the air and twirl, or whatever it is people do these days when they like such things. Each chorus of 'He’s Like The Wind' makes me think less and less of Patrick Swayze (and the last time I attempted that dance and famous lift) and more and more of another 80s icon, Kate Bush (and the last time I attempted to dance and flail as wonderfully as Ms Bush), but that’s a really good thing, because both of those people and all of those moves sat on opposite edges of the word icon thirty years ago and there are much worse icons from the 80s that Feral Love could be compared to. This duo from the UK apparently sprung from the ashes of another band and if this song is anything to go by, formed a band I probably like better anyway. Ultimately, ‘Like The Wind’ has absolutely nothing to do with 80s cinema and everything to do with big hearted electro pop, but I like both of those things anyway, so really, it’s all good all around today. (Jo Michelmore)
 Jo Michelmore gives 'Like The Wind' four pizzas out of five...

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