Friday, 20 May 2016

Song Review - Nightmare of 1984

Nightmare of 1984
by SS Sebastian

This one has been circling around my head for a little over a month now, me desperately trying to figure out what to make of it and how to write about it because it's been playing with my consciousness and haunting me with its somehow so normal and somehow so haunting clip and its so subtly eerie sounds lingering in my thoughts. “You forget all about things the older you get, is it true?” has been the whispered lyric I haven’t been able to shake, making me think of years gone past and the things that shape us all, the moments that make up memories and the memories that make up more than they should be. But I don’t really know what it’s about. I just know what it sounds like to me. I’m not even sure if 1984 was a good year or a bad year, but I guess the numbers aren’t as important as the words. With some very simple repeated keys, SS Sebastian has created something outstanding and with a few lines here and there, has created something incredibly unpretentious, a little tale of questions and musings that has had me wrapped around its little finger for weeks now and I’m embarrassingly impressed with how many times I’ve come back to watch this clip and hear those voices. “I’m 34 and I’m sure I don’t have any more things to do…” but that’s not true. A song this impressive means SS Sebastian has so many more tales to tell and so many more listeners to find, which shouldn’t be hard with music this remarkable.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Nightmare Of 1984' five dancing handless ladies out of five...

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