Monday, 2 May 2016

Top 25 - 2 May, 2016


1. OKENYO - 10 Feet Tall (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: We've been wanting to hear a whole lot more from OKENYO since we were treated to her booming single 'Just A Story'. That track quickly became one of our favourite songs of 2015 and it looks like OKENYO will feature prominently in our 2016 soundtrack with '10 Feet Tall'. The only fault I can find in it is that it ends. Seriously, I could listen to OKENYO all day. So I'll be repeating this just-over-three minute gem for quite some time. There's a lot to digest in a relatively short time. The story turns from a woman lost ("Every time she wants to see the stars, she's looking but she can't see further") to something far more empowering ("Had enough, can't see it, you blink and you'll miss it, but the thing is, she's not the kind to use her time lost inside"). Badcop's production is top notch, which is no surprise given his recent work alongside Tkay Maidza. And then there's Josh Harris' killer clip that stands with his best work for Gang of Youths. The ladies represented are cooler than cool, strong and unique. Which can definitely be said about '10 Feet Tall' and OKENYO herself. (Matt Bond)  

2. Little Earthquake - Honest

3. The Raffaellas - Control (Had It, Lost It)

4. Garbage - Empty

5. Gallery Circus - Holland On Fire (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: Admittedly, I only started listening to this track because the band’s name was Gallery Circus and something about those two words together intrigued me. I love a good gallery, not so much a circus, but maybe I would love a circus if it was in a gallery. Who can say? What I do love is a good guitar based song and something with a punch of sound, like a drumbeat that hits you in the guts and this song, ‘Holland On Fire’, taken from their soon to be released EP Chi-Town Dogs, certainly achieves all of those things. Identical twin brothers Daniel and Graeme Ross are the ones responsible for the smashing sounds, managing to make themselves sound more like four or five of each other than a simple pair. The backward and forward clip makes me feel a little bit of motion sickness, which is much more interesting than uncomfortable and overall it seems Gallery Circus are more than just intriguing and definitely much more awesome than your average gallery, or circus for that matter. (Jo Michelmore) 

6. Phebe Starr- Feel My Love

7. George Maple ft. GoldLink - Sticks and Horses (NEW)

8. Hayden Calnin - Ultra-Beast (NEW)

9. Gordi - Wanting

10. Winters End - Thoughts (NEW)

11. Alex Watts - Hopeful

12. Youngsmith - Red

13. Client Liaison - World of our Love (NEW)

14. Sara Hartman - Monster Lead Me Home

15. Landings - My Bones

16. The Paper Kites - Renegade (NEW)

17. The Tambourine Girls - Police (NEW)

18. Auguste - Kingdom

19. Sarah Blasko - I Wanna Be Your Man

20. Seavera - Caving

21. Sun Sap - Mexico

22. Emily Wurramara - Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)

23. The Temper Trap - Fall Together

24. Juke Jaxon - Memory Man

25. Alex Lahey - You Don't Think You Like People Like Me

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