Sunday, 8 May 2016

Top 25 - 8 May, 2016


1. Radiohead - Burn The Witch (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: I suppose it depends on who you follow and what you like but I know my personal social media feed had a minor meltdown last week with the release of Radiohead’s first single from what will be their eighth album, their first in five years. And because of that, I’m not going to offer my opinions about what I think of ‘Burn The Witch’ because everyone who’s had an opinion about music in the last twenty years seems to have expressed that opinion about this in one way or another all over the internets and all over my socials for the past few days. I will simply say this; when I hit play on this crazily eerie little clip and heard those introductory sounds I gasped and when I heard that so very familiar voice of Thom’s and those words “this is a low flying panic attack” I sighed, because within all its drama and almost joyful aching, this song made me remember everything and all that was and all that is Radiohead. And oh how I have missed them. (Jo Michelmore)

2. Tired Lion - Not My Friends (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: Our favourite Aussie rockers return with another top tune that we know we're going to have on repeat for a long time to come. Yep, Tired Lion are showing no signs of slowing down after signing to Dew Process. They've announced a national tour that kicks off May 19 in Melbourne, they're heading over to Europe in June and July for a big tour that includes a slot on the line-up for a little known festival called GLASTONBURY (!!!) and they've released the instantly appealing track 'Not My Friends'. 'Instantly appealing' doesn't even come close to describing how much love I had for it, right from the opening guitar lines. Shades of 90s goodness, another showstopping vocal performance from Sophie Hopes and a chorus that you know you're going to be singing along to when you next see these local legends live. Did I mention they're on tour at the end of this month? Go and see them before they go to Europe and those damn Europeans fall in love with them and then we won't get to see them that often because they'll be sipping an espresso in Paris and then walking their French bulldog in New York City. Wait, that's Melissa George's life... Forget her, embrace Tired Lion and this awesome new song, go see them live in a couple of weeks and wish them all the best before they head on over to Europe! (Matt Bond)

3. OKENYO - 10 Feet Tall

4. Ball Park Music - Pariah (NEW)


5. Garbage - Empty

6. Little Earthquake - Honest

7. George Maple ft. GoldLink - Sticks and Horses

8. Alexander Biggs - Out In The Dark (NEW)


9. Hayden Calnin - Ultra-Beast

10. Gallery Circus - Holland On Fire

11. The Raffaellas - Control (Had It, Lost It)

12. Feral Love - Like The Wind (NEW)


13. Halcyon Drive - Books For The Holidays (NEW)


14. Phebe Starr - Feel My Love

15. Radiohead - Daydreaming (NEW)


16. Gordi - Wanting

17. Winters End - Thoughts

18. ANONHI - Drone Bomb Me (NEW)


19. The Love Junkies - I Had A Party Once (NEW)


20. Sara Hartman - Monster Lead Me Home

21. Youngsmith - Red

22. Nocturnal Tapes - Pattern (NEW)


23. Alex Watts - Hopeful

24. The Tambourine Girls - Police

25. The Paper Kites - Renegade

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