Monday, 6 June 2016

Top 25 - 6 June, 2016


1. Montaigne - Because I Love You (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: With each release, Montaigne shows a new side of her already perfect sound and with 'Because I Love You', she might have released her most immediately infectious number yet. One listen and you'll be hooked, guaranteed. With the commercial success of Montaigne's recent feature with the Hilltop Hoods (it climbed all the way to #2 on the ARIA Singles Chart), I'm hoping radio is going to embrace the goodness that is this song because, seriously, this is one of the best pop releases you're going to hear in 2016. Montaigne continues to shoot for the stars with these fun, unique and layered tracks and we couldn't be loving it more. Her upcoming debut album is going to be ridiculously amazing. (Matt Bond) 

2. Ngaiire - House On A Rock

3. Bec Sandridge - You're A Fucking Joke

4. Nyne - Bad Trip (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: If all of her songs sound anything like this, then you’re probably not going to need this information because soon it will just become part of your consciousness. Like, how you know how to spell Kardashian now, but fifteen years ago you had no idea whether it started with a K or a C or a silent Z, and if we’re lucky fifteen years from now we won’t remember again. I digress. Soon enough you will know that Nyne, who I have dubbed Nyne-spelt-with-a-Y, is spelt with a Y and not an I. You won’t have to spend twenty minutes searching n-I-ne on the googles because n-Y-ne will be suggested by whoever the googles gods are and you will be purchasing and/or streaming her third, fourth, fifth album, which will be full of tracks that subtly get themselves stuck in that spot in your head that all the best do. You know, that place where the understated darkness of songs like ‘Bad Trip’ go. The seemingly effortless words of Nyne are matched perfectly by the seemingly uncomplicated beats and the elusive feeling of R’n’B make ‘Bad Trip’ exactly the opposite of its title. You know those lists people make of people to watch? Nyne-spelt-with-a-Y will be all over them soon and well on her way to google suggestions, sooner than you can say "Nyne-spelt-with-a…." (Jo Michelmore)

5. Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out (NEW)


6. Big Scary - Over Matter (NEW)


7. Gang of Youths - Strange Diseases 

8. Martin Solveig ft. Tkay Maidza - Do It Right

9. Passerine - Synthetic Heart (NEW)

10. Yeo - Got No Game (NEW)

11. Miami - Happier

12. ELKI - Sirens

13. Ball Park Music - Nihilist Party Anthem (NEW)

14. Wild Beasts - Get My Bang

15. Jessie Frye - Big Bad Wolf

16. Beck - WOW (NEW)

17. Halfway - Welcome Enemy (NEW)

18. SS Sebastian - Nightmare of 1984

19. Cub Sport - Come On Mess Me Up

20. Brooklyn Doran - Paper Wings (NEW)

21. Garbage - Even Though Our Love Is Doomed

22. Tegan and Sara - BWU (NEW)

23. Luke Black - Demons

24. Tanzer - Johnny

25. DJ Snake ft. George Maple - Talk (NEW)

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