Wednesday, 20 July 2016

It's My Kind Of Interview - Montaigne

Interview by Matt Bond

Hey Montaigne! Thanks for joining us for the third time over here at It’s My Kind of Scene. How is everything going in the life of Montaigne?

Montaigne: It’s a pleasure. I am well!

The last time we spoke (September, 2015), I was congratulating you on ‘Clip My Wings’ being the most played song on triple J. Two weeks ago the most played song was your current single ‘Because I Love You’. This isn’t so much a question as it is another congratulations. Congratulations!

Montaigne: Heh, thank ya!

What’s the response to 'Because I Love You' been for you? Is there a video coming and if so can you tell us a bit about it?

Montaigne: The response has been almost unanimously positive. I think people are almost, like, relieved to hear something that’s not so bizarre and left. Me too, really, haha. If there is to be a video it will probably be a lyric video. It may have me in it, it may also not. We shall see.

Your debut album Glorious Heights is set to be released August 5, 2016. How excited are you to get it out into the world?

Montaigne: I am 11 excited.

You've said the Life of Montaigne EP focussed on a number of themes concerning inner conflict. Are you still exploring this on Glorious Heights? What other aspects of you and the world are you looking at with this collection of songs?

Montaigne: This album is just about things in my life. Whether they be internal or external. Much the same as the EP, I think. That’s pretty much it. The songs are like pieces of a puzzle, and the complete picture is a life and all of its trials and tribulations.

Can you tell us a little something something about one of the tracks we haven’t heard to get us even more excited for the album?

Montaigne: I don’t really know what to tell you! Expect more 80s-inspired bangers and anthemic pop with strings on almost every track.

You’ll be taking Glorious Heights on the road from September, with the first stop as part of the Brisbane Festival on the 13th in The Spiegeltent. How did you get involved? Will you be checking out any of the other Brisbane Festival events while you’re in town?

Montaigne: Well, my booking agent booked me, haha. I don’t organise those kinds of things. And I think it’s probably gonna be a load in and get out kind of affair.

The rest of the tour takes you through to 15 October, with the final show in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel. What can fans expect from the shows?

Montaigne: I don’t like to answer this question. Come to the show and find out what happens! The most you should expect is a good show. Hopefully I shall deliver a GREAT show.

It’s been a huge couple of years for you, from the Life of Montaigne EP release through to now where you’re just about to release your debut LP. Looking back on everything you’ve learned about the music industry, if you could pass on some advice to an artist in the very early days of their career, what would you say?

Montaigne: Self-confidence is very important. With self-confidence comes the ability to assert yourself, to make bold creative decisions, to earn the respect and love of your peers and “superiors”. And self-confidence comes with effort. I am confident with myself because I have worked myself to a point where I can say that I am happy with my level of talent, with the way and level at which my mind and body work and feel, and with the way I speak to and treat people. I’ve also distinguished my primary interests and concerns. That’s helped me become the artist, and businesswoman, that I am today. Self-confidence does not come without hard, personal work.

You joined the Hilltop Hoods and Tom Thum on the 2x platinum ARIA-certified hit, ‘1955’. As a fan, it was amazing turning on the radio and hearing your voice EVERYWHERE. What was it like for you though? Did you turn on the radio and be like, “damn, that’s me!”

Montaigne: Not really because I don’t listen to radio much! And definitely not commercial radio. I tend not to get too excited by those kinds of things. It’s definitely cool, and I am thankful and appreciative of how big a deal it is! I just don’t get super excited. I feel like it’s symptomatic of a healthy mindset though. I don’t want to let things get to my head, there are things in my life that are much more important, like my mum surviving a hysterectomy, or my best friend getting out of a job she hates, or my dog being happy, or making music that resonates deep in my soul. I am more interested in personal and artistic success than commercial success. Of course commercial success is EXTREMELY important, and I need to make a living out of this thing I love to do if I am to continue doing it, and it’s IMPORTANT, just not more important than the emotional and spiritual needs of myself and my loved ones.


The song you’ve listened to the most this year is...
Montaigne: Even though I only found it like, two days ago, probably 'Control' by DRELLER! That shit is amazing.

If Donald Trump becomes President of the United States of America, the world is…
Montaigne: who bloody knows but the first word that comes to my mind is ‘fucked’.

The fictional character you most identify with is…
Montaigne: Rory Gilmore.

The last book you read was…
Montaigne: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley!

What the world needs now is…
Montaigne: go vegan.

After the release of Glorious Heights and once the tour has wrapped up… what’s next for Montaigne?

Montaigne: Oh gosh, god knows. I certainly don’t. It depends on how the album does, really.

We've got a feeling the album's going to do just fine. And we can't wait to hear it! The biggest thanks to Montaigne for answering our questions. Glorious Heights is out August 5 and don't forget that Montaigne will be heading out on tour this September/October... details below! 

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