Friday, 8 July 2016

Song Review - Give Me Something To Love

Give Me Something To Love
by Kid Runner
EP: Body Language (due 12/08/16)

I had originally written a bunch of stuff about how I first heard this song, but after a week where my social media feed has been filled with a whole lot of negativity and a whole lot of sadness because of the actions of a few on this little planet of ours, I am so very glad I write words about music and get to share those words with the small bunch of people who choose to read them. Because I know as well as anyone else that sometimes amongst the madness, what you need to do is re-focus, re-adjust your line of sight, close your eyes, not let the negativity win and do a little bit of jumping about. Up until a week ago I didn't know who Kid Runner were, but today, I'm really glad the gods of music sent them and their incredibly bouncy little song in an email. An absolutely addictive beat, a melody I actually, honestly cannot get enough of and a sound like every summer should be, in the middle of my cold, harsh southern winter and in the middle of a world that seems a little lost, I declare myself an immediate fan and am SO glad music like this exists. When the world seems like a crazy place, these are the types of songs we need and these are the types of words I suggest you turn up really loud and sing at the top of your lungs; "give me something to love!" because sometimes it's hard to remember, but there is actually lots and lots to love in our little world and Kid Runner have given us three minutes of it. Love. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Give Me Something To Love' five handless dancing girl emojis out of five....

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