Sunday, 3 July 2016

Song Review - Levitate (It's All Too Perfect)

Levitate (It's All Too Perfect)
by Running Touch

As a young teenager with an interest in interesting things, I will admit my friends and I may have spent some time gathered in darkened rooms in old(ish) houses telling spooky stories and making someone lie down so we could all touch fingertips and say (in hindsight not very spooky) things in the hope the sucker who was lying on the floor would levitate, even if only a centimetre, or two. No one ever did. If Running Touch had existed when I was a young teenager, perhaps we would have all been pulled off the floor by the incredibly anxious need to surround ourselves with people and flashing lights and dance as soon as we hit play on his track 'Levitate (It's All Too Perfect)'. The track is apparently more about obsession than it is about teenage ghost stories, but either way, the only important thing is that this mystery producer, multi-instrumentalist and artist from Melbourne is touring the east coast soon (facebook can give you all the details) and while I can't promise he'll be doing any spooky levitating tricks at his shows, I can say he'd be well worth catching with beats like this to make you move.
Jo Michelmore gives 'Levitate (It's All Too Perfect)' three and a broken heart girl couples out of five....

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