Monday, 11 July 2016

Top 25 - 10 July, 2016

James Vincent McMorrow!

1. James Vincent McMorrow - Rising Water (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: James Vincent McMorrow falls into the 'better late than never' category of artists with me. Which really just means that while I had heard of the Irish singer over the past couple of years, I hadn't listened to his music... but then I finally did get around to hearing him and was blown away and had to go listen to everything he's ever put out. There's only so much music we can actually listen to in a week, but I'm glad I stumbled upon McMorrow. And it's better late than never, right? Oh and when I say stumbled upon McMorrow, I mean I heard his excellent cover of 'Wicked Game' in the Game of Thrones season six trailer. Which is totally stumbling upon someone. And now we can forget about that long-winded story and talk about McMorrow's new single, 'Rising Water'. The unexpectedly groovy number previews his third LP We Move, which is set for a September 2 release. I don't really know what to say about it, other than it puts a huge smile on my face each time I listen to it and JVM's voice is as close to happy as his haunted tones can sound. There's something about that voice against the groove-infused beat that is really working for me here and I cant' get enough. (Matt Bond

2. Stevie - Decay

3. Kid Runner - Give Me Something To Love (NEW)

4. Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Falling, Landing

5. Emily Wurramara - Black Smoke

6. JP Klipspringer - Can't Be (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: While his career is still in its relatively early stages, I really like the stage that JP Klipspringer has reached. It's that sweet era where I've heard enough to know a Klipspringer track when I hear one, but I don't know him well enough to know what's next. 'Bury Me', the first track I heard of his way back in 2014, is one that still takes my breath away when it pops up randomly in my playlist and his EP Din Deafening from last year is one I still like to pop on when I need a slice of calmness in my life. After hearing his latest offering 'Can't Be', I suspect I'll be saying something similar about it in a few years time, with its plain and simply perfect indie pop (with a tinge of country) sensibilities, it is everything I expect from the talent of JPK; not really anything I expected but everything I love about everything I hear of his. His debut album due in September, will no doubt be one of my favourites of the year, so if you read nothing else I write in 2016, just know that album will be in my list of "best ofs" in December. Spoiler alert! (Jo Michelmore)

7. Big Scary - The Opposite of Us

8. Montaigne - Because I Love You

9. REMI - Substance Theory (NEW)

10. Ngaiire - House On A Rock

11. The Naked and Famous - Higher (NEW)

12. Lanks - Bitter Leaf


13. MKO Sun - Boom Pow


14. Old Sault - Sail Home


15. mallrat - For Real (NEW)


16. Bec Sandridge - You're A Fucking Joke

17. E^ST ft. mallrat - Get Money


18. SAFIA - Over You

19. Feuds - River of Wine (NEW)

20. Emma Louise - West End Kids


21. TEES - Got The Feeling

22. Sleeping At Last - Saturn (NEW-ish)

23. Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out

24. Wild Honey - Pull It Together

25. Running Touch - Levitate

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