Monday, 25 July 2016

Top 25 - 25 July, 2016

The Naked and Famous!

1. The Naked and Famous - Higher

2. James Vincent McMorrow - Rising Water

3. Sarah Belkner - Time (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: "Time is what you make of it, time has let you down." We've loved what Sarah Belkner has been putting out into the music world over the past couple of years. Her vocal work is awesome, she's a wonderful songwriter and the atmosphere created on her tracks can take you out of your world and place you firmly in hers. Last year's Humans EP earned a lot of repeated listens and you should totally check it out when you get a chance. So yeah, big fan of what's come before... but this track right here, 'Time', is just really, really gorgeous and has me thinking that her upcoming debut album is going to be very special. Every element that makes up the song is as perfectly considered and crafted as each shot in the video that accompanies it. Sarah's vocals are as beautiful as ever, with an almost defeated restraint to help the words hit home with the listener. Listen out for a sneaky and welcome Brendan Maclean vocal cameo too, but that's definitely not him starring alongside Belkner in the Brian and Karl directed video. Just in case you thought it was? Anyway, can't wait to hear more from Sarah this year. And next year. And hopefully for many years after that too. (Matt Bond

4. Grouplove - Welcome To Your Life

5. The Lumineers - Cleopatra

6. Ross Henry - The Deep (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: Until this week, I didn't know who Ross Henry was. I mean, he may not be the first Ross Henry I've known, because I have a vague recollection that one of my favourite primary school teachers was called Mr Henry, but grade five was a long time ago, so pretty sure that Mr Henry isn't this Mr Henry. This Mr Henry, however, could become a different favourite of mine because after hearing the beautifully distant and warm feelings of 'The Deep', I may have found my newest favourite headphones on in the middle of the night sounds. There is something comfortably uneasy about these beats, a feeling of the clutches of insomnia combined with the captivity of sunrise and after reading Ross' words about how this was written; "on a peak between the earliest of mornings and the latest of nights", I'm so impressed with his way of turning feelings into sounds and times into vibrations. The confusing beauty of silhouettes and light in the clip are the perfect accompaniment to a song that has easily and quickly become the highlight of my week. Also, Mr Henry, if you know another Mr Henry who is a teacher, tell him I said hi. (Jo Michelmore)

7. Stonefox - Dreamstate (NEW)


8. Kid Runner - Give Me Something To Love

9. Feki ft. Dom Vino - You Got Me (NEW)


10. Babaganouj - Sorry

11. Emily Wurramara - Black Smoke

12. Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Falling, Landing

13. Jack River - Talk Like That (NEW)


14. The Montreals - Lo-Fi (NEW)


15. The Winter Gypsy - Took Me By

16. Stevie - Decay

17. JP Klipspringer - Can't Be

18. Little May - Where Do You Sleep (NEW)


19. JOY. - Like Home

20. Justice - Safe and Sound

21. Regina Spektor - Bleeding Heart (NEW)


22. Rachael Yamagata - Nobody (NEW)


23. Ngaiire - House On A Rock

24. Montaigne - Because I Love You

25. Big Scary - The Opposite of Us

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  1. Love it and agree
    #14 and 15 are my jams


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