Monday, 5 September 2016

Top 25 - 3 September, 2016


1. Tkay Maidza ft. Killer Mike - Carry On (NEW)

Last week was huge for Tkay Maidza fans, as our fave rap dynamo announced that her highly anticipated debut album TKAY will be released on October 28! If that wasn't exciting enough, she'll be heading out on a headline tour in November (in addition to performing at this week's BIGSOUND!!!) and we got this absolute banger of a lead track, 'Carry On'. Killer Mike delivers the goods as only he can with his guest verse, but 'Carry On' is another Tkay tour de force of slay, which makes us want to hear that full TKAY album all the more. You can chant along to carefree lines like, "they say they're coming for ya, but I don't want none, 'cause I really don't care and I'm still kinda young." And then you can feel old when you remember that Tkay is only like 19/20 and you're nearly 30 so you're definitely not kinda young because you're not about that life anymore because you are now, in the eyes of the youths, old. But moving right along, 'Carry On' is THE jam of the moment, ready for the dancefloor and totally appropriate for following up the amazing collab with Martin Solveig, 'Do It Right'. Maidza has been working like crazy since she stomped her feet into our lives, so she's never really left, but it sure feels good to welcome her back anyway. Bring on TKAY! (Matt Bond)  

2. Amy Shark - Adore

3. Chet Porter ft. Chelsea Cutler - Stay (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: There I was, driving along in my car, peacefully looking forward to the fourth (today) milky take away coffee goodness awaiting me ahead, which was going to see me through a night of listening to some tunes and watching some clips in search of what was going to be the greatest song I had ever heard (this week), which was going to result in a collection of the greatest words I have ever written (this month), when straight from the radio came the sounds of someone I've never heard of (until today) and some of the greatest sounds I think I'm likely to hear (this year), which resulted in me rushing home, googling and typing quicker than I ever have (slight exaggeration) and pressing play a hundred times (so far) because this gorgeous song is one that is going to be stuck in my head forever (at least this week) and I'm going to love every second of it. And I could tell you all sorts of things aout who Chet Porter is (not the other Chet) and the things I discovered after googling his name (Porter's, not the other's) but you know, you're going to be finding out those things for yourself soon anyway because this song has such a sweet, warm sound you're (hopefully) going to be hearing a lot of it, with or without my (small) influence. Now here's my name in brackets. (Jo Michelmore)

4. Hot Spoke - Outlines

5. Remi ft. Jordan Rakei - Lose Sleep (NEW)

6. Ayla - Like The Other Kids (NEW)

7. Ali Barter - Girlie Bits (NEW)

8. Montaigne - Till It Kills Me

9. PASSERINE - White Shadows and Grey Noise (NEW)

10. Holy Holy - Darwinism

11. Florence and The Machine - Wish That You Were Here (NEW)

12. Airling - Move Me (NEW)

13. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Jesus Alone (NEW)

14. Abbe May ft. Joni Hogan and Odette Mercy - Doomsday Clock (NEW)

15. Crystal Fighters - All Night (NEW)

16. WAAX - This Everything

17. Winters End - Afterthought (NEW)

18. Gang of Youths - The Good Fight

19. Katy Steele - Where Is The Laughter

20. Empire of the Sun - High and Low (NEW)

21. Lisa Mitchell - The Boys

22. Fractures - Alchemy

23. Sans Parents - Dead End

24. Sarah Belkner - Time

25. Mwansa - 10 Pounds

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