Thursday, 29 September 2016

Why Sharon? Why?!

by Matt Bond

We need to talk about Sharon Van Etten. Well, I need to talk about Sharon Van Etten and since this handy outlet is available for me to talk about her, here we are... talking about Sharon Van Etten. Long have we been fans of the American indie singer-songwriter, she of the ability to weave devastatingly relatable tales of heartbreak, longing and regret into gorgeous folk tunes. Just to be clear, that's not an exaggeration. Her music is devastating. Despite your best efforts to avoid them, her songs will give you those 'feels' you've heard so much about. All of the 'feels' even. No, wait. That one's a lie. The feelings you'll get from her music will mostly be related to sadness, heartache and more sadness. So much sadness.

Why am I talking about Sharon Van Etten? Well, I've been doing this thing where every month I pick an artist and download all of their available albums on Apple Music and listen to them and enjoy the good times that will follow. So I picked Sharon Van Etten last month and listening to her sort of rolled into this month and haha funny story the good times have actually turned out to be really sad times because when you listen to a lot of Sharon Van Etten you're in for one fucking sad time. That funny story we were talking about one line ago turns out to be incredibly unfunny. Haha. Lolz. Cries.

So many lols you guys. 

But don't just take my word for it. Take Van Etten's words or her lyrics to be more accurate. Let's get to some of her music shall we?


Best lines: Break my legs so I won't walk to you, cut my tongue so I can't talk to you, burn my skin so I can't feel you, stab my eyes so I can't see.

Best YouTube comment: "How to know if you're over someone: Play any song by Sharon Van Etten. If you don't burst into tears, congrats!" by Vermillion Bird. 


Best lines: And then you disappear because you can't fight fear, I know, I know.

Best YouTube comment: "Sometimes a song can be too poignant..." by enrvuk. 


Best lines: Let's turn it into something we can change, I love you but I'm lost, between the pain and cost, I hold myself alive, I love you but I'm lost, I love you but I'm lost, I love you but I'm lost, I love you but I'm lost.

Best YouTube comment: "I honestly can not listen to this performance of this incredibly beautiful and haunting song without tearing up. Have more personal lyrics ever been written? Thank you Sharon." by Van Smith. 


Best lines: You know it's always been my heart, you know I always fall apart, it's not my fault it's just my flaw, it's who I am.

Best YouTube comment: "I feel like a little piece of my heart breaks each and every time I hear this song. Which I could say about many of Sharon Van Etten's tracks. Hauntingly beautiful in the best possible way." - so, awkward... this was me but I had to write something. The only other comment from 'Nerfy124' just said, "LOVE YOU." Which is valid, but still, keep it together Nerfy. 


Best lines: You enjoy sucking on dreams, so I will fall asleep with someone other than you, I had a thought you would take me, seriously and listen on.

Best YouTube comment: "I don't know why, but this song hits me real hard on some subconscious level. Every time that guitar riff is heard between those two lyrics at 0:42, I get teary eyed without really knowing why. I think the riff somehow invokes the notion of time passing by our individual life-stories (presented by the lyrics), leading our existence to its inevitable end and it has fucked me up every time... Still one of my favourite songs ever." by Vilkku.


Best lines: Don't leave me now, you might love me back.

Best YouTube comment: "This was the first dance song at a wedding I went to recently. It was beautiful and I've been in love with this song ever since." by livexthexlife1992. 
- Sidebar: that wedding sounds bleak. Did they listen to the lyrics? Was everyone at the wedding crying? And not in an "I'm so happy for you" way.  

So, is this you right now? 

You, right now.

It's okay. Let it out. And asks yourself, why Sharon? Why would you do this to me? Imagine how you'd feel after working your way through through five albums. Today was meant to be full of joy and rainbows and smiles and now there will never be love again and it's all because of Sharon Van Etten! 

Until you go and put on something more upbeat I guess. And in all seriousness, there will be love again because we love, love, love the music of Sharon Van Etten. She's an incredible artist and one of the finest, most brutally honest and unique songwriters in music today. Listen to as much of her music as you can... but maybe, just maybe, don't listen to all of her albums at once. We want you to have a nice weekend, k? 

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