Monday, 10 October 2016

Top 25 - 10 October, 2016

Tired Lion!

1. Tired Lion - Agoraphobia (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: Someone I work with recently recalled a funny little story about the first time they met me and how intimidating I apparently was during that encounter, which made me laugh because I remember the first time we met and my version of meeting is remarkably different to theirs. Mine involved a time I wasn't really enjoying and while my intimidating demeanour was daunting to them, all I was actually doing was desperately trying to be a normal, functioning, well adjusted human; avoiding questions and conversations at all cost in the fear someone would figure out just who the intimidated one was and it's more than likely all I wanted to do was run home and crawl under a blanket to never see natural light again, which is pretty much where I would have dragged myself from in order to get to work in the first place. All of this long story has very little to do with Tired Lion, except to say it is guitars like theirs that are some of the reasons to keep crawling out from under the blankie as well as voices and words like Sophie Hopes' that make leaving the house ok and it's awesome songs like 'Agoraphobia' which are the type of songs that people who are often more intimidated than intimidating, need to get through some days. (Jo Michelmore)

Matt's Pick of the Week: So today is World Mental Health Day, a day for education, awareness of advocacy of mental health issues that takes place all over the world. You might have seen some articles about it popping up on your Facebook feed. Anyway, anything that creates broader discussion about mental health is great, or in the case of Tired Lion's new single 'Agoraphobia', it's excellent. The four band members that make up Tired Lion (Sophie Hopes, Matt Tanner, Ethan Darnell and Nick Vasey) wrote the song with their own perspectives and experiences with mental illness. Now, I should probably make it clear that 'Agoraphobia' wasn't written for World Mental Health Day. It just happens to be today and the subject matter of the song couldn't be more appropriate to tie the two together, because talking about mental health and illness is super important and the more people do it the better. It's just coincidence that it's today and the song is what it's about. What isn't coincidence is that we've got another top tune from WA's leading rock outfit. "Getting through it, dried eyed, crying at the corner of a taxi rank, it's not a movie, now it's night time, those kids are itching for red wine." Tired Lion hook you from those opening lines and riffs and they don't let you go until the track ends. It's becoming a thing with them; tracks that immediately grab you and leave you wanting to hear them over and over again. Hopes continues to grow into the role of Australia's finest front and the guys kill it, as usual. More soon please. Also, this is the first time Jo and I have picked the same song, so bonus points for that, yeah? Yeah. (Matt Bond)   

2. Bec Sandridge - High Tide

3. Tkay Maidza - Tennies

4. Kimbra - Sweet Relief

5. Ariela Jacobs - Leave Your Light On

6. Big Smoke - Best of You

7. Tkay Maidza ft. Killer Mike - Carry On

8. Jidenna - Long Live The Chief (NEW)


9. The Bear Hunt - Who Made You God?

10. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (NEW)


11. Jack River - Palo Alto

12. Lime Cordiale - Waking Up Easy

13. Lisa Mitchell - Warhol (NEW)


14. Allie and Ivy - Best Friends

15. San Cisco - B Side (NEW)


16. Gretta Ray - Unwind

17. Crystal Fighters - Ways I Can't Tell You (NEW)


18. MØ - Drum (NEW) 


19. Tash Sultana - Jungle

20. Jess Kent - The Sweet Spot

21. Sparrows - Get To Know You

22. Alexander Biggs - Tidal Wave

23. Lanks - Holla

24. Ali Barter - Girlie Bits

25. Remi ft. Jordan Rakei - Lose Sleep

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