Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Song Review - You Who's Guiding Me

You Who's Guiding Me
by Lossy

I did the thing that one does when one finds new music that they love and found Lossy on the socials, scouring her pages and profiles for all and any information I could find about this woman with the super sweet voice. While I was there, a comment on facebook caught my eye. I can only assume it was from one of her friends, something about Lossy being so internet savvy and amazing and Lossy's response about loathing the job but needing to expose people to her music really made me smile, because in a short couple of sentences and a few minutes of one of the sweetest indie pop songs I've heard in a while, I found an artist who wants to be exactly that, an artist first, a social media personality second (or third, or fourth) which is something I really, really admire. In a world where I can hit 'like' and 'unlike' in a matter of seconds, what I really appreciate is an emotion that sticks around, a song that gets stuck in my head and a melody that won't let go. 'You Who's Guiding Me' is all of those things and worthy of a like, as in, an actual like, not just a social media one. Like: IRL!

Jo Michelmore gives 'You Who's Guiding Me' four crown emojis out of five....

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