Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Top 25 - 15 November, 2016

The xx!

1. The xx - On Hold (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: It's probably just the simplicity of hearing Romy Madly Croft's vocal that really had the most impact, but from the very first note of The xx's newest single 'On Hold' I am so reminded of how much I've missed them and how much I've really, really liked them over the years. When the beat kicks in and things seem slightly cheerier than I ever remember either x to be, I am much more excited than I expected to be. This is The xx that I've come to know and love, but there's a sense of hope on this track that I don't generally associate with their sounds and I've got to say, I really, really like it. The quick break midway through is perfectly paced and perfectly placed and they say Jamie Sim has sampled some Hall and Oates, but all I know is whatever he's doing, he's doing it right. Their next album I See You is due in January, so until then I'll just have to obsess over the latest back and forward between Romy and her other x, Oliver Sim and cling onto his last words; "when and where did we go cold, I thought I had you on hold..." with the answer being that I didn't go cold at all, I really, really, really like them and am SO glad they're back. (Jo Michelmore

2. Washington - Saint Lo (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: Megan Washington, how I've missed you. Even though I should just say Washington, because you're back to going by only your last name instead of the full name, but Megan is still your first name so I think it's okay to say, "Megan Washington, how I've missed you," and people will get it. Only Megan Washington would return to us with a song framing love as a deal with the devil, her writing as on point and wonderful as ever, and she's stepping into a more rhythmic electronic sound than that of her last album, There There. Producer to the AUS music stars Eric J Dubowsky might have something to do with that - his resume includes the likes of Flume, the artist formerly known as Chet Faker and Lisa Mitchell. Quite a lovely return from one of our faves and we'll be hanging out until we've got a whole record of gems like 'Saint Lo'... which will hopefully be coming our way sooner than later. (Matt Bond

3. Pnau - Chameleon

4. Tkay Maidza - Simulation

5. Holy Holy - Elevator (NEW)


6. WAAX - Same, Same

7. Katy Steele - It Ain't Me

8. I Know Leopard - Rather Be Lonely

9. Broods - All Of Your Glory (NEW)


10. Moreton - Specimen (NEW)


11. Take Your Time - Sleep In

12. Novelties - City

13. Lossy - You Who's Guiding Me (NEW)


14. Francesca Gonzales - Memories

15. Hayley Couper - Caught Up

16. Sarah Belkner - Cellophane (NEW)


17. Alex The Astronaut - Already Home (NEW)


18. The Montreals - Indigo Club

19. Fractures - Fall Harder

20. Nicole Millar - Signals

21. Mr Little Jeans - Stitches

22. Little Wise - Don't Hurry Back (NEW)


23. Husky - Late Night Store

24. Tired Lion - Agoraphobia

25. Ariela Jacobs - Leave Your Light On

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