Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Top 25 - 22 November, 2016

Mark Harding + Cloves!

1. The xx - On Hold

2. Mark Harding - Say It Too (NEW)

Jo's Pick of the Week: Look, I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm probably biased. No, let's face it, I am biased, but that's fairly irrelevant when the song I'm biased about really speaks for itself anyway; that song being 'Say It Too' by a guy called Mark Harding, who may not be a household name (yet) but after hearing this track, he's a name in my household and he's gotta start somewhere I guess. Thankfully Mark's start has been a little more interesting than my little house, because as an intergral part of Little May's lineup I am (more than) slightly biased in saying he's pretty much already one of our faves, but the beautifully smooth beats, the completely laid back sensation and his delightfully subdued vocal make this a song I actually, genuinely like and I'm not gonna lie, no bias needed, it's a song I can feel myself beginning to love very, very quickly. (Jo Michelmore)

3. Washington - Saint Lo

4. Cloves - Better Now (NEW)

Matt's Pick of the Week: I was introduced to the music of Cloves in the way I'm introduced to many of my favourite new artists... while a fictional character I had come to love more than some of my best friends was ripped away from me on one of twenty five four or five television programs I should be embarrassed to admit that I watch. Emphasis on the should be. Anyway, less about TV shows about vampires directed at people at least fifteen years younger than me and more about Cloves. Hailing from Melbourne and now living it up in the USA, Kaity Dunstan/Cloves has been working hard to build a name for herself as a singer/songwriter on the rise. 'Better Now' features a voice full of wisdom far beyond Cloves' twenty-something years, the words and music are as gorgeous as they are heartbreaking from the very beginning ("Then I hear you leave, and I'm happy, just for a moment I'm free, then it dawns on me, that no time has passed, now it won't last, and I'm getting nowhere fast, and that's a fact."), there's fire in the chorus and a hope that we'll be hearing more of this from an artist of Cloves' caliber for a long, long time to come. At the very least, I can look forward to hearing her music during some forced emotional moment between a witch and sea monster on a television show that I would actually watch and what were we talking about? (Matt Bond)

5. Tkay Maidza - Simulation

6. Holy Holy - Elevator

7. Kate Bush - And Dream of Sheep (NEW)


8. WAAX - Same, Same

9. Pnau - Chameleon

10. PASSERINE - Undergrowth (NEW)


11. Gin Wigmore - Dirty Mercy (NEW)


12. Katy Steele - It Ain't Me

13. Moreton - Specimen

14. Asta - Shine (NEW)


15. Broods - All of Your Glory

16. Iluka - Blue Jean Baby (NEW)


17. Bag Raiders ft. Mayer Hawthorne - Beat Me To The Punch (NEW)


18. Lossy - You Who's Guiding Me

19. Sarah Belkner - Cellophane

20. I Know Leopard - Rather Be Lonely

21. Alex The Astronaut - Already Home

22. Mr Little Jeans - Stitches

23. Ariela Jacobs - Leave Your Light On

24. Tired Lion - Agoraphobia

25. Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out

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