Thursday, 10 November 2016

Video Review - Don't Hurry Back

Don't Hurry Back
by Little Wise

It's kind of funny that on the way to finding Little Wise's clip I got caught in one of those nasty youtube sidetracks and somehow ended up at Lady Gaga doing carpool karaoke, which I'll admit was quite enjoyable even the second time around, but after visiting the streets of NY via my laptop there was a slight culture shock to the opening scene of 'Don't Hurry Back'. An old red hatchback parked in the middle of nowhere, with one sleepy occupant in the back seat and a lonely guitar with an especially country twang to match, this wasn't the gold sequinned shirt and 4WD of James Corden's, but you know what I love about the most honest music? It's not all pink hats and millions of dollars. I love the glamour of Gaga but I also love the brutal honesty of Little Wise and while Sophie Klein, the woman behind Little Wise so poignantly sings "shop is closed, couldn't compete with the big store down the road" I have to smile in the knowledge that while the music is this good, there is no competing for my attention, Lady Gaga and Little Wise sit right next to each other on my playlist for the month. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Don't Hurry Back' three and a half fries out of five...

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