Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 Scene Awards - Australian Artist of the Year

Here's the bit where we get all patriotic and lamingtons and sunshine, or something like that, because we're talking about something we're probably a little biased about, Australian Artist of the Year. So many incredible artists spanning so many genres on this huge island of ours, choosing only two wasn't easy, but somehow we did it. You're welcome.


Runner up: Ella Hooper

Because she brought back Killing Heidi. Obviously. Alright, Alright... I'm kidding. My love for Killing Heidi is well documented (or is it not nearly enough?), but 2016 was another huge year for the incredibly talented and hard working Ella Hooper. With the release of her EP New Magic, she followed up last year's Venom EP with a work that was like the light to the darkness. Or a little bit of light coming in through a crack in the window, because there's nothing wrong with a bit of darkness is there? No. No there is not. While Venom took a journey of reflection and self-discovery at a time when it was needed the most, New Magic wasn't afraid to bring some bounce and say, fuck it up, let's dye our hair blonde and dance it out. One of our most loved AUS music releases of the year from an artist that's become a local legend. That's what gets Ella Hooper a place here. The fact that Killing Heidi have been doing some return shows is just icing on the cake. (Matt Bond)

Winner: Tkay Maidza

You were pretty much guaranteed there wasn't going to be an entire award ceremony thing that didn't include our beloved Ms Maidza in the list. To be honest, after the release of her debut album this year, she could have taken out more than half of our awards, and that's only half because we couldn't give her man or group awards. And you know, we gotta share the love around so Australian it is. She's everything Australian music should be; brash, loud, bouncy, a little bit self-assured without a dose of arrogance, a little bit cheeky and a whole lot of fun, Tkay Maidza is everything we've needed and everything we've been waiting for in this huge land of ours. Tkay the album was pure brilliance, even if that guy's Dad from Triple J didn't think so, and Tkay the person, well, she's pretty much simply the best. (Jo Michelmore)

2015 Winner
Courtney Barnett
Runner-up: Montaigne 

2014 Winner
Little May
Runner-up: Thelma Plum

2013 Winner
Thelma Plum
Runner-up: Jones Jr

2012 Winner
Texas Tea
Runner-up: Sarah Blasko

2011 Winner
Seeker Lover Keeper
Runner-up: Gotye

2010 Winner

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