Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2016 Scene Awards - New Artist of the Year

And so kids, friends, readers, our Mums, welcome to the 2016 Scene Awards. Yep, after that incredibly long countdown we've thrown ourselves into a lot of food, probably too many beverages and now back into the words and now we have that crazy time of year where in between eating, drinking and sitting, we also decide to celebrate our favourite artists, albums, EPs, groups, womens, mens, Australians and  videos. Sometimes we wonder how we can possibly have a favourite new artist of the year, because how can we fit any more new music into our lives when it's so full of fabulous already? Then along came this year and artists like these two, who created all the sounds we didn't know we neeeded, who we adore and who both fit in perfectly with everyone and everything we've ever loved. Welcome to New Artist of the Year!


Runner-up: Amy Shark

Earlier this year, I had one of those weird moments music lovers have where you've found an artist somehow on your own that you are sure is your little secret (ok, Matt introduced me to this one, but that's a technicality) and then one day you're just innocently minding your own business when you hear their voice in some unexpected place, like where I did, in a fish and chip shop, being played on some commercial radio station and you get that weird moment of pride, like your little discovery has grown into something bigger and better than you ever expected, even though you really had nothing to do with said growth. That was me and Amy Shark this year and after that fateful moment buying my chips wrapped in paper, I haven't stopped hearing that 'Adore' track everywhere I go, not just takeaway food outlets. I first fell for her talent when I was smashed in the face with the brash honesty of those lyrics "don't be the boy that spits on girls, everybody hates that guy" and while she's new to me, it's obvious Amy Shark has been living her craft for many years, because that uniquely sweet voice singing those words "just so I can adore you" is the sound of an artist with many years of feels and sounds behind her and many years of awesome in front. Pretty glad me, that fish and chip guy and the rest of the world get to live and enjoy her sounds and journeys now. (Jo Michelmore)

Winner: Emily Wurramara


We have so much love for Emily Wurramara. After seeing her perform at the 2016 Queensland Music Awards and receiving a copy of her debut EP Black Smoke, we've spent a lot of time listening to her beautiful voice and taking in all that her music has to offer. Songs like 'Black Smoke' will warm your heart, while 'Blue Moon, Black Sea' has no problems breaking it into a million little pieces. On 'Ementha-Papguneray (Turtle Song)' Wurrmara performs exclusively in the Anindilyawka traditional language from where she called home in the Northern Territory. You don't need to speak the language to understand the story being told to you or to feel the bright and sunny vibes that the song is putting out there. Proudly embracing her culture on 'Stomping Ground' is a moment in Australian music that deserves to be celebrated. "Black, yellow, red are the colours I see, defining the culture that's inside of me." There's still so much to come from Emily Wurramara and we already know that what comes next is going to be just as amazing as what has come before.  (Matt Bond)

2015 Winner
Runner-up: Life Is Better Blonde

2014 Winner
Tkay Maidza
Runner-up: JP Klipspringer

2013 Winner
Little May
Runner-up: Michelle Xen

2012 Winner
Curxes/Kira Puru (tie)
Runner-up: Nick and Liesel/Laneway (tie)

2011 Winner
Lana Del Rey/James Blake (tie)
Runner-up: Emma Louise

2010 Winner
Ellie Goulding

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