Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Scene Awards - Woman of the Year

R.E.S.P.E.C.T, what it feels like, who rule the world etc. etc. It be girls. Or in our case, two particular women who ruled our headphones, ipads, ear things all year long. Welcome to Woman of the Year. 


Runner-up: Bec Sandridge


Maybe it's because I am a woman, maybe it's because Matt and I are both proudly feminists, maybe it's because who rule the world etc. but I always find picking the woman of the year harder than picking most of our other awards, because SO many amazing women. This year was no different, but out of the many names circling my mind, this person stood out, and not because she's literally quite tall, but because she offers something I haven't seen for a while and sounds I have needed to hear this year, without really knowing I needed them until they arrived. Along with some of the catchiest songs of the year, Bec Sandridge oozes a sense of hope in a world where even the artists on the edge are carbon copies of the last artist with a sense of edge, she is like no other artist I love at the moment. There's a sense of independence I find difficult to describe, a feeling of artistry in it's true form, all encompassing and all consuming, just like her sounds, and she has a healthy sense of respect of artists who have come before her, without sounding like a photocopy of them. Maybe it's because Bec Sandridge is so fucking awesome that choosing my favourite woman of the year wasn't really so hard after all. (Jo Michelmore)

Winner: Tkay Maidza

2016 was a banner year for Australian women in music. Montaigne, Bec Sandridge, Ngaiire, Emily Wurramara, Ella Hooper, Olympia, Ecca Vandal, Ali Barter... to name but a few... kept on killing it in the music department and the 'being awesome human beings' department. So this really made it hard to say, " (x) is your woman of the year," but we also knew that this was the year of Tkay Maidza. In three-ish years, Tkay Maidza has grown into one of the world's finest performers. She's teaming up with massive producers, collaborating with the likes of Killer Mike, dropping THE rap album of the year and one of the best albums overall. Possibly even the best overall. She's tearing up stages with the ease of a career veteran; effortless, flawless and energetic. And the rest of the world has taken notice. Which is such a, duh, of course they have. Because Tkay Maidza was never going to be denied. The lady is fire. Last year she was the future and in 2016, the future is now. Tkay. Slay. (Matt Bond)

2015 Winner
Courtney Barnett
Runner-up: Montaigne

2014 Winner
Runner-up: Taylor Swift

2013 Winner
Runner-up: Janelle Monae

2012 Winner
Amanda Palmer
Runner-up: Santigold

2011 Winner
Runner-up: Adele

2010 Winner

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