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It's My Kind of Interview - Billy Pitt

2016 is quickly drawing to a close and one Australian music maker who has had a huge year is country artist Billy Pitt. Hailing from Moree in New South Wales, Pitt is a self taught musician who released his debut album "Go Back" earlier in the year and has been touring around since. Here's our quick chat with one of country music's fastest rising stars...

 Interview by Matt Bond

Hey Billy, welcome to It's My Kind of Scene! Since it's almost the end of the year, how's your 2016 been?

Billy Pitt: Thank you, 2016 has been such a special year, this year I have toured with indigenous band Mop and The Dropouts, shared the stage with Damien Leith as his support act for the Roy Orbison Tribute show, performed many great gigs with outstanding country artists and started recording my new single “Play a little Country Song” at Hillbilly Hut Studio’s.  I was also blessed enough to welcome my fifth child, a new daughter, into the world.  So 2016 has been incredible.

What are your earliest musical memories and how did you know you wanted to pursue a career as a performing artist?

Billy Pitt: When I was 7, my father gave me a drum kit for Christmas.  I worked hard at it and practiced everyday, and at 10 years of age I joined the local church band and that provided me with the platform to consider music as a career.

You've celebrated some huge achievements over the past couple of years such as winning the Troy Cassar-Daley Indigenous Scholarship for the Academy of Country Music in 2014. What have been some of your other favourite moments so far?

Billy Pitt: Some of the moments that stand out would be performing with my indigenous idols and heros like Archie Roach, Coloured Stone and Mop and The Dropouts.  I have also been lucky enough to do local tours, performing for real people with a real love of music is where it’s at. 

Looking ahead to 2017, what have you got planned? Can we expect to hear some more new releases and do you have any touring plans?

Billy Pitt: 2017 is set to be a big year for me, I plan to do some more tours, and debut my new single at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017.  Who knows the new song could well be in the CMC Country Music Channels Top 20??!!!!

As a country artist, can you tell us some of your favourite country singers and why you love them?

Billy Pitt: I really admire Troy Cassar Daley and Adam Harvey, they always seem to hit home with their songwriting, very relatable.  The Eagles are my go to, all time favourite band, not much to say about them except they are a class act.

I tend to associate country music with lyrics that tell incredible stories. What do you think makes a good storyteller in music?

Billy Pitt: To me, being a good storyteller, would have to be someone who has lived a little (I know I certainly have).  You need to draw on life experiences, whether it be your own, or someone else’s and deliver it with emotion vocally, this is what people relate to. 


One song you wish you had written is...
Billy Pitt: Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles

If you weren't a musician, you would be...
Billy Pitt: A mental health worker.

The first gig you ever went to was...
Billy Pitt: A local band, Black Impact.

If you could do a duet with anyone, it would be...
Billy Pitt: Dwight Yokam.

When they air the Billy Pitt 'Behind The Music' special in thirty years time, what are they going to say about you?

Billy Pitt: The boy from the bush, he is living proof if you believe in your dreams and work hard then you can achieve them!!!

A big thank you to Billy Pitt for stopping by. For more information on Billy, including upcoming gigs, check out his artist page

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