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We here at It's My Kind of Scene love music. And lamp. And your face.

We're Australian based, with contributors located in Brisbane and we write about the gigs we go to, review new albums, songs and EPs and can debate the artistic worth of Miley Cyrus amongst ourselves from dawn until dusk. Or, depending on alcohol consumption, dusk until dawn (which is much more likely).


Call us, maybe? No thanks, but we do have an e-mail address you can contact us with:


We love to hear from anyone and everyone. Know some music you think we'll love? Let us know! Are you a solo act or in a band and think we'd be fans of your work? Let us know! Just want to say hi? I guess we're cool with that too...


Matt Bond is just a small town guy living in a lonely world. He’s generally looking for that midnight train going anywhere. As long as ‘anywhere’ plays a selection of music from the 80s, 90s and today. His taste in music was once described as this - “diverse, but you seem to listen to a lot of Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Manson.” Whoever said that is a liar and I deleted my iTunes stats, so you’ll never be able to prove it anyway! The truth is, he just loves music; the good, the bad and whatever it is the kids are listening to today.

Jo Michelmore could be described as “a vibrant and eloquent woman of crackling intensity with a fistful of credentials...” but that might be an exaggeration. Regardless, she’s sometimes vibrant (every now and then) sometimes eloquent (but not often) more crackers than crackling and anything about fistfuls and credentials isn’t important. Jo’s just a girl with an intense love of music. If it makes her smile, she’ll love it, if it makes her cry, she’ll love it, if it’s terrible she’ll love it, but if it’s amazing she’ll love it more, because in her world, there’s no love as genuine as a love of music. After all, without music, life is a mistake.

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